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Setting Up Your E-Mail Program

We support a variety of e-mail programs, including Outlook and Outlook Express. In addition to those, you can use almost any e-mail program with your Gallatin River e-mail account. The main pieces of information you will need to configure your e-mail program are:
  • your Gallatin River username
  • your Gallatin River password
  • the name of the SMTP (outgoing) mail server (smtp.grics.net)
  • the name of the POP (incoming) mail server (pop.grics.net)

    For your convenience, we have provided step-by-step directions for configuring several e-mail programs to work with your Gallatin River e-mail account.

    Configuring Microsoft Outlook
    Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express

    We have also provided instructions on how to ensure mail is stored on your local computer and does not accumulate on the Gallatin River mail server.

    Mail Storage Settings for Microsoft Outlook
    Mail Storage Settings for Microsoft Outlook Express

    Dealing with Spam

    Spam: Any unsolicited e-mail, usually sent in bulk

    Anyone who has had e-mail for any length of time is familiar with spam. It plagues thousands of e-mail addresses daily, offering get-rich-quick schemes and other dubious offers, filing up users Inboxes and using valuable space.

    For more information on spam, including ways to fight it, visit the Spam section of our E-mail and Security Site.